Tariff & Conditions of Service

Agency Tariff
Effective January 1, 2011

1.0 TANKERS (Product, Crude, Gas & Parcel)

   1.1 Any tonnage$3,500

2.0 Dry Bulk Cargo

   2.1 Any tonnage$3,500

3.0 General Cargo

   3.1 Hazardous Cargo$3,750
   3.2 All other general cargoes$3,500

4.0 Protective/Supervisory

   4.1 All vessel types$1,750

All the above listed fees are based on typical port stay not to exceed five days and one cargo berth.

5.0 Ancillary

   5.1 Crew Changes (per person)$125
   5.2 Spare Parts (per AWB)$125
   5.3 Crew Medical attendance (coordination of appointments,
         transportation, processing billing)
   5.4 Extra Days (per day/after 5 days in port)$500
   5.5 Extra Berths/Anchorages (per berth/after 1
   5.6 Attendance of USDA, NCB or Surveyor re-inspections (per
   5.7 Coordination & attendance of USCG Tank Vessel
         "Certificate of Compliance" Examination

6.0 Sundries (applicable to all vessels)

   6.1 Agency Auto Hire ($1.05 per mile)$750
   6.2 Agency Overtime ($45 per hour/4-hour minimum call-out)$450
   6.3 Postage, Blanks & Petties$250
   6.4 U.S. Customs & Border Protection Vessel Term Bond use$450
   6.5 Formal Entrance/Clearance at U.S. Customs House$300
   6.6 Courier (minimum)$250
   6.7 Communications
   6.7.1 System Charge (Fax - Email - Telephone domestic long
   6.7.2 Usage (Int'l Long Distance, Inmarsat, Cellular minutes-
         Long Distance & Roaming)
cost plus 20%
   6.7.3 Cellular rental (flat charge per voyage plus usage)$100
   6.7.4 Agent Cellular Phone & usage (flat)$125
   6.8 Photocopy ($0.30 per copy)$100
   6.9 Bank Charges$75

7.0 Special Services

   7.1 Report Filing
   7.1.1 Medical or Special Requests Parole, USCG Deviations, Marine Incident, U.S. Customs & Border Protection Diversion, Delay in Departure, Manifest Discrepancy, Cancellation/Re-Clearance$250
   7.1.2 AMS Initial Setupquote on request AMS Filing (per manifest)$300 AMS Filing (per bill of lading)$20
   7.1.3 Notary/Sea Protest$125
   7.1.4 Stowaways/Deserters (per person)$500
   7.1.5 Security filing requirements (Federal, Local, Terminal)$300
   7.1.6 U.S. Coast Guard E-NOA/D Initial Filing$750 U.S. Coast Guard E-NOA/D Filing updates (per filing/notice)$100
   7.1.7 Hacienda Manifest filing report$600
   7.1.8 Departure Crew Manifest, Dangerous Cargo Manifest) each port$100
   7.1.9 Dangerous Cargo Manifest (each port)$300
   7.2 Cash to Master ($590 plus 1%/minimum)$650

Corpus Christi • Houston • Lake Charles • New Orleans • New York • San Juan • Pascagoula • Ponce

  • All Agency and third party services require advance funding or arrangement for direct billing.

  • Balance due invoices are due upon receipt.

  • Excess funds shall remain on account unless refunds are requested.

  • Special Services in connection with casualty attendance shall entitle Agent to additional compensation as mutually agreed.

  • Bank charges are for account of the billed party.

  • Agent shall be entitled to reimbursement of all legal fees, government penalties, expenses and charges pertaining to the vessel's call including collection fees and interest at 18% per annum on delinquent accounts.

  • Charges in some ports may vary due to local requirements.

  • Lump Sum rates quoted upon request. Lump Sum charges are inclusive of blanks & petties, customary local communications, agent autohire, attendance at one cargo berth, 3 days in port and 10 hours of agent’s overtime.

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